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Beard Meats Food

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BeardMeatsFood is the UK's #1 competitive eater (believe it or not it's a thing) and being such a huge Holy Moly's fan, we were excited to offer him the position of C.E.O...Which, in this case, stands for Chief Eating Officer, in early 2016. He's forged quite the YouTube following over the past couple of years, and holds a number of eating records (eating 17 Big Macs in one sitting, winning the Yorkshire Pudding Eating World Championships two years in succession with 43 puds eaten in 3 minutes, as well as eating Britain's Strongest Man; Eddie Hall's entire daily food intake in just 38 minutes).

BeardMeatsFood regularly uploads eating challenges, records and stunts at www.youtube.com/beardmeatsfood and now, as a member of our crew, can often be found hanging out at one of our restaurants every weekend. So if you're looking for some tips on how to become a first class food fighter, and how to eat for free, he's here to help. So if you're looking to fill a Man vs. Food sized hole in your life, follow his antics on Facebook (www.facebook.com/beardmeatsfood) and Twitter (@beardmeatsfood).



Whether it's representing his country at The Battle of Big Eaters final in New York last year, lending his body to science on National Geographic's How To Win At Everything, or just swinging by Holy Moly's to smash one of our many eating challenges, you're sure to work up an appetite just by watching!


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